35 and Life

Today is my last day in the 30-34 category!  You know those little judgmental boxes you check off when you need to disclose your age.  Well, tomorrow and for the next five years I will be lumped in with those who are the big 4-0.  This has me reflecting on what can make a person feel like they’ve grown up.

I usually only pretend to be mature to hide the silly and ridiculous that is my true self but as I say goodbye to my early 30’s there’s some strong feelings, mostly good.  Perhaps its the realization that there’s a whole lot of adult going on.

IMG_2929 copy

Without thinking too seriously, here are a few things that are making my life at 35 seem grown up.

There’s the minivan. I know it’s not young and cool to be excited your car has the option to come with a vacuum cleaner but to me its a dream come true. It has 150 cup holders and yet somehow we could always use one more.

There’s the Costco membership. It goes hand in hand with the minivan.

There’s us.  Danny and I have been married almost 15 years.  Isn’t that a milestone?  Not a relive your wedding reception/party with friends kind of milestone but it’s still big, right?  Earning us some major adulthood street cred.  We got married in our baby 20’s and I have to admit, I felt pretty grown up on my wedding day.  I had no idea.


There’s the kids.  I seemed to have aged in fast forward mode after giving birth to our 8 and 10 pound babies.  I literally have the body of a 35-year-old with two kids.  Being responsible for little people is tough.  Especially when your kindergartener is smarter than you are.  I hear all the time, “Mom, ‘I don’t know’ does not answer my question.”  Then, I draw upon my 35 years of life experience and make something up.

There’s the mortgage and our little home.  “We’re in ESC-uh-ROW!”   Can everyone else relate almost anything back to Gilmore Girls? And Friends?  We just invested in a suite of yard tools.  Nothing says you have indeed arrived like a hedge trimmer.

Believe it or not turning 35 is so totally fine with me, I actually think its a pretty great time of life.

“Thirty-five is a very attractive age.  London society is full of women of the very highest birth who have, of their own free choice, remained thirty-five for years.”

Oscar Wilde

Maybe that’s not such a bad idea.

Be sure and share what and/or when you felt like an official adult.  I’d love to hear your experiences and stories.


Caving under the Clutter

Cozy Cottage or Clutter Capital?

Does one have to equal the other?  I love my little wee of a house but sometimes I find myself wading through clutter up to my eyeballs.


A scene I’m sure most would definitely understand (cue the dreadful music and panic stricken faces)…the little things start to take over.  Toys, mail, stuff brought in from the car, clothes, laundry OH the endless laundry…you get the idea.

If not nipped day in and day out in the proverbial  bud these little things become the most insurmountable, hugest, highly annoying chore EVER.   Maybe a little clutter here and there is no big deal if you live in a standard size house.  Ah, the good ol’ junk drawer with random paper clips and old keys or a guest closet full of winter coats and extra picture frames.  But when you share 850 square feet with three people even a teeny amount of clutter wanted or unwanted can drive a normal person cray cray.  Junk drawers and the luxurious “extra” closet do not exist in my world!  So where does everything random end up?

The answer is ALL OVER.

Someone please tell me that its possible to live a clutter free existence in a small house!  Don’t get me wrong, I certainly don’t want to win any awards for having an inspection worthy home.  Apparently I couldn’t even if I wanted to…haha


But a proper place for things isn’t too much to ask is it?

When we first moved in we had a lot of stuff.  Some went into the attic, some into the basement, some sold in a yard sale and some hit the curb.  We did good.  But hey, I’m a woman who just got a new house…

I seriously have to resist the urge.  Every.  Day.

Now that we’ve been in our little cottage for a year and a half its high time we figure this whole thing out and that my friends means its time for A LIST!

A clutter busting get in control kind of list.

  • Paper Piles: If its important it has a home…in a folder…in a cabinet.  Designate mail, coupon, menu spot.
  • Product Piles: Organize medicine, seasonal products, cleaning products.
  • Closets:  Reevaluate current wardrobes and designate a coat rack for winter coats.
  • Office: Organize laundry, book shelf, closet, office stuff.

To make sure that I stay committed to completing this list I will share my projects with you as I go, that’s right I feel a series coming on.  I will tackle closets, nooks and crannies and actually create a solution to this problem not just de-clutter.

So I need some help!  Do you know of any great storage solutions for tight spaces?  Any ideas for keeping office supplies in order and actually having some style too?  Please share if you’ve gone through this process before, I’m a girl who loves inspiration!

Also, what should I call this series?  Any clever titles?  Danny suggested Cookie Clutter.  I thought it would be fun to tackle a project and then reward ourselves when its completed.  Which in our house a reward means cookies. #EATALLTHECOOKIES!

Of course I’ll have to share a recipe in each Cookie Clutter post.  Cheesy?  Yes, but that’s never stopped me!